How to Design a Home Gym

Whether one of your children has recently moved out, you didn’t want to seem like a hoarder so you cleaned out your storage room, or you’re just plain renovating and looking for ideas on how to use your space, a home gym is a great addition to any home.

While your first thought may be that you simply don’t have the room, it’s important to remember that you will be the only one using it. For this reason, it only needs to accommodate one person, not an entire membership list of clients.

Now that your mind is thinking about the idea after all, below are some great ideas to keep in mind while your creative brain starts to think!

The first thing that you will want to do is replicate your entire gym routine at home. However, the space simply isn’t going to allow it. This doesn’t mean that you still can’t get all of your exercises done, it just means adjusting your routine and a multi-purpose machine.

The Groupon Coupons page for Bowflex has a great selection of workout machines that can be used for a number of different exercises. All you need is one of these decent machines in your home gym to be able to replicate most, if not all, of your regular routine.

Once you know what you need to put in it, it’s time to think about how the room will look. Remembering that it’s your own personal space that is designed to provide one specific function, don’t be afraid to design the room outside of your home’s regular design theme. If brightly colored walls are going to keep you motivated, then brightly colored walls it is! If covering the walls with motivational posters will keep you cycling, then get those posters up!

However, you design to style the room, make sure that it reflects you and encourages you to spend time in the space. Starting your workouts after a tired day at work is hard enough without having to walk into an unattractive space.

When are you considering your design, remember that you’re going to work up quite a sweat in the room. If the room has a window, be sure that it has clear access to fresh air and that it flows. If the room has no windows or the window does not facilitate fresh air flow, consider a small air conditioning unit that can do the job while you are in the room.

While you won’t want to leave it on during the entire day, a small unit like this is a great way to keep the room cool as you exercise. Again, if the room is uncomfortable then you aren’t going to feel motivated to use it. But if you know that you will walk into a nice cool room, you can subconsciously feel better about starting your routine.

Of course, once you are in there, you need to stay in there. Look at a place you can install a small TV where you can watch motivational shows, the cooking channel, watch music videos or even connect it to a DVR and catch up on your favorite shows. Whatever you use it for, be sure to install it as a form of pure entertainment. There is nothing more boring than sitting and performing an exercise with nothing happening around you. But if you can watch TV while you exercise you are more likely to continue.

Lastly, be sure to include a space where you can store cold drinks. It only takes a quick stroll out of the room to get some water before you a distracted by the outdoors and never return until it’s time for your next sessions. Prevent this from happening by including a small and convenient space for your drinks.

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