The Difference between BB Guns and Airsoft Guns

Many people do not know the difference between airsoft guns and BB guns, and this is why we are sharing this article today.

Airsoft and BB guns although many people believe them to be the same actually have a number of differences. Both seen as ‘toys’ by many people, these gun types can be incredibly dangerous when misused, and therefore users are urged to take safety precautions and follow safety rules and guidelines while handling.


One of the main differences between these two gun types is ammunition, aka ammo:

As you might expect bb guns shoot bb pellets – These are small round metal balls which are not dissimilar to what is found in shotgun shells. BB guns shoot these pellets at incredibly high velocities. These metal balls which are shot very fast can break the skin and kill small game such as birds.

Airsoft pellets however, often referred to as airsoft bb’s, are made from hard plastic. Airsoft guns can shoot these pellets really fast however as they are not metal they are far less likely to break and injure small animals. Many people head towards airsoft guns as not only are they in many ways fairly safe compared to bb guns but also much more affordable.

Airsoft and BB gun types

BB Guns – The majority of bb guns can be placed within two categories; pistols and rifles. Those interested in purchasing BB guns should weight up their options and make a decision based on what their individual requirements are.


Airsoft guns – There are multiple types of airsoft guns available. Not only can you get airsoft pistols and rifles but you can also purchase airsoft automatic rifles, semi-automatic rifles and automatic pistols.


BB guns can be lethal and destructive, great for hunting small game and/or destroying glass bottles. It goes without saying that people should not shoot animals and pets with bb guns as serious damage and consequences will likely come.

Airsoft guns however are at the opposite end of the spectrum – they are not really designed for shooting and such. A lot of people to use airsoft guns to play airsoft games such as skirmish, this is before it is the closest thing that you can get to palying ‘war’ games without using real bullets – yes they do hurt when they are fired at you, but providing players are wearing appropriate and recommended safety clothing and googles they are going to get badly injured.


As you can see airsoft guns and bb guns are fairly different, and those interested should research both types impeccably to see which is best suited to their individual needs, requirements and demands.

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