The Rise of Football Betting

As the new season gets going, football fans around the world are getting down from their chairs, taking the nooses from their heads, and sitting down on the sofa with a big sound of relief, thankful that they have football again to make their lives worth living. Football is addictive enough, but when it’s mixed up with gambling, when the football fan is in the habit of gambling on matches, then it becomes an addiction which the fan cannot go without. More and more fans are deciding to place bets, and the match-betting industry is going from strength to strength. Not only does it make the game more interesting if you’ve put some money on a particular thing happening – on both teams scoring, on one team winning, on one player scoring – but it also gives you an opportunity to make money even during your downtime. Maybe you feel like you’re wasting your time playing football. Well, if you’re football betting on the outcome of the match, giving yourself the chance to make some sterling, then it’s a way to feel as though the leisure time is profitable.

Why the upturn in fortune?

The house always wins, as the adage goes, and the more people in the house, the more chances of the house taking in the most money. In recent years the match-betting industry has enjoyed an upturn in fortune, taking in around eleven billion in 2014 and twelve in 2015. This is thanks, largely, to the rise of the internet, which is making it easier and easier to fans to place bets on any team they like wherever they can access the internet. While before it was necessary for them to schlep themselves all the way to the bookies, and show their faces in that area, and face the potential embarrassment that going into a betting shop might induce, now the gambler, be they casual or compulsive, can simply click a few buttons on the internet without having to leave the living room while the pundits discuss the chances of each team pre-match. Now the gambler doesn’t even have to show his or her face. This is the same reason why more people are accessing pornographic material than ever, as well, course, as the fact that the internet provides us with plenty: i.e. the fact that people can access it without having to go through a human intermediary, going through which was formerly a probable deterrent.

How can I get in on the action?

If you want to get in on the action, if the words spoken so far in the article haven’t put you off spending your money on a high-risk-high-return venture, which, though the house always wins overall, might just pay off big time, then let me apprise you of the most profitable methods of betting. These are:

  1. Matched betting, which is a way of taking advantage of the gambling companies’ promotional free trials, subscribing to as many of them as possible. When betting, you can either place a bet on a certain outcome or against a certain outcome. By placing a bet for a particular outcome with a particular company and against that same outcome with another, you’ll eliminate the risk and then, having made this so-called “qualifying bet”, get your free bets. With these free bets you can account for both outcomes by placing a back bet with one company, a lay bet with the other, and in this way you’ll be sure to make a profit. Over the course of the year betting companies will offer hundreds of free betting opportunities, so you’ll be able to keep on betting without even having to put yourself at risk, besides the risk of losing a bit because of the difference of odds between the two possibilities for the qualifying bets, which you’ll soon recover. So, in sum, matched betting is a way to beat the bookies at their own game.
  2. Bet on a sport you know well. If you’re an avid football fan, if you’ve always supported Aston Villa, for example, since as far back as you can remember, then bet on Aston Villa, even if this means having to bet against them if you feel like they’re playing against a better team. Bet on the team you know best. If you’re placing a bet – whether you be using your own money or taking advantage of the promotional free bets on offer – it makes sense that you should be familiar with the sport, primarily, and the team, secondarily, you’re betting on, just as it makes sense to invest in the stock of a company selling a product you use yourself. You’ll know, say, that such and such a player who plays for Aston Villa is injured at the moment, therefore their chances of winning are lower that they would be otherwise. If you’re betting on a team in Norway then you won’t have this insider’s knowledge.

What should I know about right now?

If you’re thinking of placing a bet in the next week, that is in the time between now and September 2017, then these are a couple pieces of information you might want to bear in mind. That is here are some relevant pieces of news that might make betting on a particular piece of sporting action either more or less judicious:

  1. Mayweather is odds on favourite – at 1/6 – to knock the light out of the UFC star turned boxer Conor McGregor. No one but a madman would put their money on the Irish madman staying on his feet for the whole twelve rounds, let alone beating Mayweather, be it on points or by knockout. No matter how high-tech the equipment McGregor uses in preparation – apparently he’s been using an underwater treadmill to improve endurance and keep his footwork sharp despite increased grogginess – Mayweather is simply very likely to win this fight.
  2. Coutinho and Dembele may or may not join Barcelona. Coutinho, Liverpool playmaker, has recently submitted a transfer request, and despite Liverpool manager JurgenKlopps’s best efforts to keep him, it looks more and more likely that the Brazilian will be a Barcelona player sooner rather than later. However it’s not a done thing, not by any means, and it might still go either way. The fact that Coutinho didn’t play for Liverpool in their last game against Crystal Palace might be interpreted as a sign that he’s on the way out, but Liverpool will be fighting hard to get a deal that they think makes the loss of their best player justifiable. With regards to Dembele, the highly valued young Frenchman is going to cost Barcelona a lot of money, and it’s down to Barcelona, ultimately, to decide whether they think his potential justifies the price. Ultimately it looks likely that Barca will purchase one or the other, otherwise their team, now sans Neymar, will look a little unexciting.

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