Top Tips To Buy Ski Goggles That Look Good Functions Well

Every winter is about chilled air, snow clad mountains, lots of fun and obviously, it is the time for skiing. If you are one of these outdoor enthusiasts and this year you have developed some knack for skiing it’s time you should gear up. Besides buying all your skiing gears, do not forget to buy a skiing goggles: it will provide complete protection for your eyes. But do you know the features you need to check while buying a good looking but functional ski goggles? Let’s take a quick look.

Go for orange or yellow lenses

Unless you are a pro, do not go for random lens colors because you found them attractive. For beginners, yellow or orange glasses are the best. These are all rounder lenses you can use for all types of weathers. These two colors increase contrast and improve clear view no matter you are on a foggy day or not.

Improves impact resistance     

No matter if you a beginner or a pro…while skiing you have every chance to fall or slip on the snow. If your goggles glasses are not impacted proof, there is a chance of getting them smashed in every 2-3 days.  But lenses made of polycarbonate are super durable. You should go for polycarbonate variety only.

Stress-free padding

Your ski goggles have to be well padded and that makes the goggle perfectly safe and well fitted on your eyes. While buying a goggles you must check if it comes with easy padding otherwise you will never feel comfortable while wearing it.

UV protection enabled

UV protection on goggles is one of the most important features you need to take care of. Sunburn and UV damage are the most recurring problems you face that can trouble you much. Before you buy your ski Goggles check for the best ski goggles that has complete UV protection enabled lenses.

Widescreen coverage facility

One of the most enjoyable features of skiing is the 360 degree view of the hill and mountains where this skiing adventure is enjoyed.  The google that will offer you widescreen coverage is the best option for your ski goggles. Although your personal choice is always the best option for you, according to users, spherical shaped ski goggles offer best widescreen coverage.

These are the few real life tips that will surely help you to buy the quality ski goggle that looks cool and function well while you will be enjoying the thrill of the sport.

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