Why Galvin Green Waterproof Jackets are the Best Outerwear for Golfers

As UK-based golfers, despite our hopes and wishes, we will always face some inclement weather from time to time, sadly. Whether it be wind, rain, sleet, hail or even snow, we’ll be faced with a choice – play outside in bad weather or to curtail our playing time. As nobody wants to lose any playing time in our beloved game of golf, the only solution is to buy golfing outwear such as Galvin Green waterproof jackets.

Galvin Green waterproof jacket

Okay, we don’t have to buy any particular brand – we can buy cheap waterproof after all, but then we could end up with colds, coughs, flu and other ailments. So why take that risk?

Here’s a few reasons why a Galvin Green waterproof jacket is so highly rated by golfers :-

  • Galvin Green is the leading brand in Scandinavia and the United Kingdom for high performance waterproof golfer
  • Team Europe have selected Galvin Green as outwear suppliers for the Ryder Cup
  • Galvin Green expertly blends golf fashion and functionality – designed for the modern golfer, who looks well in addition to being protected by performance outerwear
  • Famous golfers such as Chris Paisley, Troy Merritt and Matthew Nixon wear Galvin Green

As an example of how Galvin Green use the latest technology for their golfing outerwear, let’s take a closer look at their C-Knit waterproofs.

As Swedish waterproof experts, Galvin Green selected the very latest waterproof technology from Gore to create C-Knit waterproofs. As this material has never been used in the golf outerwear market before, this truly brings revolutionary technology into golf to become the Gold Standard in outwear.

The benefits C-Knit Backer gives to Galvin Green waterproof jackets

Pioneered in the Ryder Cup Team Europe Galvin Green outerwear last year, the C-Knit Backer uses a three layer structure which has been designed to ‘slide and glide’ across any other garments worn underneath.

C-Knit Backer also is :-

  • more durable than any previously used material or technology
  • super lightweight
  • softer to the touch
  • more durable
  • of extreme quality

Simply, the waterproofing, breathability and outer protection is increased, yet the outerwear doesn’t stick to any clothing underneath and feels much more comfortable than ever.

Features of C-Knit Galvin Green waterproof jackets

It’s not just the use of more technologically advanced materials that have improved performance of Galvin Green waterproof jackets.

By careful design, various features have been added or improved, such as :-

  • Available in two key styles (half and full zip)
  • Rubberized collar – to prevent seepage of rain through the collar. No more damp backs, at last!
  • Zippered wrist cuffs – to keep out the rain and wind
  • No pockets – to mimer swing restriction
  • Easy adjustments at chest, waist and cuff

But it’s not just Galvin Green waterproof jackets that benefit from C-Knit technology

Although the jacket line is the main focus, Galvin Green also have designed a range of golf waterproof golf pants to complement the range of jackets.

Now you truly can protect yourself from inclement weather by choosing Galvin Green waterproof jackets, and pants.

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