Why You Should Consider Buying Used Golf Balls

Golf is expensive. And honestly, that’s probably an understatement. It’s an incredibly expensive sport. You can spend a fortune buying golf clubs, gear, as well as the green fees every time you play. The worst of it all is probably golf balls, especially if you’re prone to losing them like most average golfers. Every time you lose a ball you’re essentially burning your money. New golf balls can cost a lot if you’re buying quality balls, but did you know you can actually buy used golf balls online?

You might think used golf balls don’t play as well as new one but you’d be wrong. Yeah, that’s a stigma that has been around for a while. It’s time to move past the false stereotypes that have surrounded used golf balls. Used golf balls play and bounce as nice as the new ones. Let’s give you reasons why you need to consider used golf balls.

They Perform Just Like New Ones

There is next to no difference between used and new golf balls. Just see it as your old golf balls that were bought as new. Used golf balls are of highest quality but at a low price tag compared to the new ones. In terms of performance, there is no way to distinguish a new ball to a used one, the only difference is the appearance.

You will be Saving a Whole Lot

Used golf balls ensure you can enjoy the good game without hurting your credit cards. While new Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1X will gulp as much as $50 per dozen, you can save at least 50{3911d23dc36738443220c9bf0014f40829d5048c65090cea801d322270cced7f} by buying used golf balls. You will even be spending a whole lot than 50 bucks if you are to purchase at the pro section of the golf resort. Why waste such amount when for $50 you can buy 2 dozens of used golf balls including shipping cost? You need to consider this to save yourself some cash even though its an expensive sport.

After One Shot, it’s No Longer New

Have you even reasoned why you cannot sell your new car for the same price after the first ride? That’s cos it’s no more a new car! That’s what happens with golf balls also, just after the first shot it is no longer considered new. You may be lucky to be buying used golf balls that have only tasted the club just once. It is a bad investment to buy new balls that can get lost immediately after the first shot. However, with used golf balls, you are bound to swing comfortably without a thought of losing the ball, which affects your game.

In the End, You’ll Lose the New Ones

Don’t take this to heart, but in reality, you’ll probably lose all the new golf balls you buy. That’s just the hard truth that is peculiar to this sport. There’s a high probability that after the first 3 rounds of play, the new golf balls will find their way into the deep rough or in a lake where they cannot be retrieved. So does it really make any sense to invest a fortune into something that will end up not being useful?

Save yourself some money and buy used.

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